Jockey Club Street Music Series

Concert Details
Jockey Club Street Music Series
Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Paul Roth (City Folk 城市民歌)
QUARTER (Modern Classical 現代古典)
Jazz Organix Quartet (Jazz 爵士)
Sjö (Electronica 電子音樂)
Paul Roth

Australian singer/songwriter Paul Roth has been travelling the world performing the music for several years and is now very excited to share his music with the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Music written from the heart coming in the form of a nice blend of folk, pop, and jazz.


Formed by four young local musicians, QUARTER is a two-piano-two-percussion group that specializes in contemporary classical music. The group met in the Modern Academy organised by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble in January 2016, and has been working closely with composers since. They gave the Asian premiere of Aaron Helgeson's If where is of to why (2008).

Jazz Organix Quartet

Bob Mocarsky is a very active jazz pianist, composer and arranger, a mainstay for decades in the San Francisco and New York scenes, and more recently performing throughout Asia. He grew up in Connecticut, starting out on the piano from age six. Born into a music family and taught by his father, the well known Hartford music teacher Edmund Mocarsky, he became immersed in classical piano as well as in jazz and popular music. After a period of recording albums and touring with the progressive rock band Charisma, he moved on to San Francisco. He studied Jazz Harmony with Mark Levine, and Classical counterpoint with Jerry Weldon. There he played with almost every notable musician on the San Francisco Jazz and Latin Music scenes and worked constantly in the Bay Area's clubs, recording studios and concert/festival settings. He quickly gained a reputation as an exciting improviser and vocal accompanist as well as B3 organist and arranger, and brought his originality and passion for music to all genres ranging from Funk to Latin to Bebop. He has
written hundreds of compositions and recorded dozens, while leading many jazz ensembles of his own.


What happens when a contemporary sound artist and a jazz pianist remain shut indoors in a baroque castle in the Piemontese mountains for two weeks? The result is Sjö - a collaborative project between the Budapest-based electronic composer Marcel Zaes (CH) and the Paris-based jazz pianist Andrea Manzoni (ITA). From the sheltered rooms of their baroque retreat, Zaes and Manzoni present a sonic research project which is as contemporary as it is versatile. Sjö explores questions such as what it means for a piano to make a sound in the 21st century - in a century over-determined by an electronic environment. Starting from Manzoni’s jazz-based technical expertise, the duo experiments with electronic transformations and the impact of their environment - whether low-key piano bar or deep techno club, their sound seeks to adapt the piano to different 21st century musical settings. The visuals accompanying Sjö’s sonic investigations are provided by the artwork of the artist Anna Schölß (GER).

Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong and the Swiss International Airlines