Jockey Club Street Music Series Community Concert

Concert Details
Jockey Club Street Music Series Community Concert
Water Fountain Plaza, Victoria Park
CC Cherry (Acoustic Pop)
JR Blues Line (Blues)
Fabel (Electronica/Pop)

Date & Time: 29/10/2017 (Sunday), 3:00pm-5:00pm

Venue: Water Fountain Plaza, Victoria Park 

Kung Chi Shing

Co-presented by 
Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Kung Music Workshop 

Major Funder 
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust 

CC Cherry (Acoustic Pop)

Singer-songwriter Cherry has been closely connected with music since her participation in student's music organization. After graduating from university, she immediately started her performing career at coffee shops, bars and other venues, and was known to the public gradually after uploaded her performance on YouTube. With the influences of western music and her "boyish" character, Cherry's voice is casual but delicate, bringing the audience a unique sound.

JR Blues Line

JR Blues Line是本地二人藍調樂隊,由口琴手Jimmy Chan(來自樂隊Blues Espresso)及主唱/結他手Ram Cheung(來自樂隊Shake That Thing / Then You Suffer)兩位藍調樂手組成。

他們因為藍調音樂而相識超過十載,各自參與不同藍調樂隊並活躍於本地藍調樂圈。多年以來Ram一直都專注於電子芝加哥藍調風格的樂隊表演形式,但近年卻漸漸愛上了原始的鄉村藍調風格;至於Jimmy所參與的樂隊則較傾向藍調搖滾的方向,而較純粹的傳統藍調風格也是他一直嚮往的;隨著彼此同台演出的機會增加,Ram想出更多能跟Jimmy合作的可能性,遂向Jimmy提出,便一拍即合組成JR Blues Line,以簡約的鄉村藍調和原音風格,演奏他們喜愛的標準藍調曲和其他富藍調感覺的歌曲。


Fabel is comprised of two members who found their path to the music and entertainment world in 2013. Their music direction is focused toward on electronic-style; and the members include lead vocalist Lo Chuk Kwan aka Lo Lo and songwriter Fung Hing Chung aka Jimmy.

The debut song "Yan Fa" (Sprinkle of Salt) by Fabel was released in an album entitled <We Are One> in December in the same year which achieved the Bronze award in the New Artist (Newcomer) category in TVB8 Mandarin Music on Demands Award Presentation and New Group award in the Metro Radio Pop Chart Award Presentation.

In the same year, the duo entered Guangzhou's own tv music contest breaking this season's highest viewers ratings with Jimmy responsible for the musical arrangements for Alvin Leong teams's finalists eventually winning the grand prize.