Concert Details
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Wilson Chau/Tim Chan 周肇軒/陳庭
Language Lab 語言實驗室
Five Zero Four 伍零肆
Paul Yip 葉破

Experimental Series is a new platform for young musicians interested in exploring new possibilities in musical forms, musical language, sound, emotional expression and stylistic gestures. Musicians from different genres – modern classical, experimental, jazz, pop and traditional, will be invited to participate in this musical adventure. The concerts will be a presentation of works-in-progress instead of finished pieces. In each concert there will be a post-performance discussion between the participating musicians and the audience.

Programme Details
Date & Time: 5/8/2017 Monday 8:00pm-10:00pm
Venue:McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre

$60/ $50* (*Full-time Students/ Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above/ People with Disabilities)
Ticket available now at Urbtix

Kung Chi Shing 

Co-presented by: 
Hong Kong Arts Center  
Kung Music Workshop 

Major Funder:
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust  

The Language Lab

The Language Lab is a well-established sonic experimental team from Hong Kong. Core team members are Mr. Koo Park-kin (Founder / Guitarist) and Mr. Tse Kam-po (Engineer / Percussionist). The Language Lab believes that music is an inborn language and is convinced that a concert will be formed organically with cognition. They also perceive that different environments with particular visual and acoustic features should go hand in hand with high-quality recordings of sonic experiment / performance to create a unique experience for both the artists and the audience.


The Language Lab realises the above beliefs by interweaving the immediate re-enactment of present sonic experiment / performance in various space in a speechless but communicative manner with live generated impromptu fragment of sounds, composed of the unconventional use of musical instruments and audio equipment. The seemingly independent yet interlocking components, the presence and the instant improvised sound fragments, create an emotional and spontaneous dialogue, which goes beyond any designated scores and lyrics.


Paul Yip is a curator, music consultant, multi-disciplinary artist, sound designer, improv Musician, DJ producer and sound healer.

Collaborating and Improvising with countless Musicians, Artists and Dancers, he has experience in performing in different countries, and has been invited to be Artist in Residence at SHIN Dance Theatre in KOREA and Busan International Dance Markek.

Relocated from Montreal he works in projects such as Dance/Theatre Sound Design, Sound Installation, Soundtrack for Films, Curating Art Festival, Music Events and Workshops. He's the Founder of [Feel Music Experimental Lab] and Technical Manager of Videotage organising Video Art and New Media Exhibition. He's the Director of IZEN, providing Professional Sound & Lighting/Video Mapping/3D Printing/Multi-Media Production. After practicing with Spiritual Sound Master Nara Yuji in Japan Kumano Kodo he gets into the path of Sound Healing. Currently he's touring with his omni-disciplinary artists collective project "Orbital Aritual" with Artist Talk, Workshop, Exhibition and Multi-Media Dance Theatre in Norway, HK and Shenzhen.

Five Zero Four

Five Zero Four is an experimental noise music duo exploring feedback and sound generation.

A long hair boy and an oval face boy have been exploring the possibility of sounds and also the world. By chance, they were inspired to try experimental noise music. Green and inexperienced with inadequate equipment, all they can do is to utilize anything they can get in hand. They found that they can play it freely and therefore determined to have fun making noise music together. Five Zero Four is about two boys sharing things with each other: sound, music, space, the past, the present and the future.