Jockey Club Street Music Series: Experimental Series Finale

Concert Details
Jockey Club Street Music Series: Experimental Series Finale
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Ken Ueno/ Nelson Hiu 邱立信/ Kung Chi Shing龔志成
Dickson Dee 李勁松
Fiona Lee 李穎姍

Experimental Series is a new platform for young musicians interested in exploring new possibilities in musical forms, musical language, sound, emotional expression and stylistic gestures. Musicians from different genres – modern classical, experimental, jazz, pop and traditional, will be invited to participate in this musical adventure. The concerts will be a presentation of works-in-progress instead of finished pieces. In each concert there will be a post-performance discussion between the participating musicians and the audience.


Programme Details 

19/12/2017 Tuesday 8:00pm-10:00pm

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 


$60/ $50*

(*Full-time Students/ Senior Citizens Aged 60 or above/ People with Disabilities)



Kung Chi Shing 


Co-presented by 

Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Kung Music Workshop 


Ken Ueno +Nelson Hiu + Kung Chi Shing

Ken Ueno 

A recipient of the Rome Prize and the Berlin Prize, Ken Ueno, is a composer/vocalist/sound artist who is currently an Associate Professor at UC Berkeley, where he holds the Jerry and Evelyn Hemmings Chambers Distinguished Professor Chair in Music.

Nelson Hiu

Nelson Hiu born and raised in Hawaii is a fourth generation descendant of Chinese and Japanese immigrants. He studied ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii and has worked primarily as an accompanist for contemporary dance and ballet. He has also played extensively in a large variety of settings from live house experimental improvisation to theatre, dance, gallery and site specific performances.

Kung Chi Shing

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kung Chi Shing is a composer, performer and music activist. Kung studied classical music and composition in the United States with Allen Trubitt and George Crumb. He is known particularly for his work in the music and performance group ‘The Box’, which he founded with Peter Suart in 1987, and since 2009 as founder and curator of the ‘Street Music Series’ of free public concerts in Hong Kong.  In his compositions and performances, Kung focuses on experimentation with different formats, including pop, classical and improvisational music, and theatre art. 

Dickson Dee

In 1989, co-founded Hong Kong first independent music label when as a graphic design student at the school, in 1992, started creating sound works and released the same year in Hong Kong independent music compilation "Ma-Li-Ma-Li-Hung", after to participate as a producer of more than 100 albums production, in the name of sound artist joined different kinds music festival and venue from all over the world, also making film, modern dance, experimental video soundtrack works.

Fiona Lee

Born in Hong Kong, Fiona Lee obtained her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Critical Intermedia Laboratory from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. Her works of art are derived from the intersection between installation and performance. Her recent art practices and inspirations have come from the feeling of and focus on particular moments in her daily routine,which she explores as if it were a world of adventure. Listening creates an important connection between Fiona and the world; this is when she feels the movement of every single moment. She believes her art creations represent the progress she is making in exploring and accepting her own possibilities. Her recent work focuses on the relationship between sound frequencies and electromagnetic fields.