Concert Details
Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Ebenezer School Choir (Choir)
Now We Are Talking (Pop)
Narbi (Folk/Blues)
Milk Mouth (Rock)
Head Clowns & Cosima (Nomadic Jazz)
Han Jazz Band (Jazz)
Olivier Cong & Bou Kwan Ying (Alternative pop)
Ensemble Transience (Jazz)
GDJYB (Math Folk)

Date & Time : 16/12/2017 (Sat), 1:00pm-8:00pm
Venue : Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Kung Chi Shing

Co-presented by 
Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Kung Music Workshop 

Major Funder 
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust 

Ebenezer School Choir

The Gospel of Christ lays the foundation of Ebenezer School. Based on the educational ideals of "Education without discrimination" and "Teaching according to Learners' Abilities", the School is committed to providing an all-round quality education to children and youths with visual impairment. They strive to provide their students with an environment of positiveness, cheerfulness, trust, solidarity as well as mutual help and care for them to learn and grow. The School helps students to overcome the limitations of visual impairment, and to develop their own potentials and talents. Growing up as confident and independent persons, the students will contribute to the school, families, society and nation.

Now We’re Talking

Vocals - Sadib Paudel (Zack)
Keyboard / Guitar - Limbu Akash
Bass - Lee Kin Chung Christian
Drums - Arrian John-James Mariano Trinidad
Guitar - Jeremy Kane Robles


Sadib Paudel (Zack) & Akash Limbu (Sky) formed "Now We're Talking" in 2017. The band's live performance consists of pop, rock, hip-hop, groovy mixture as the music genre and they play both covers and original songs in gigs.

Both very young with 8+ years of experience in the music industry, they are now professionally stepping up their game by hoping to find success in the future ahead and change the heart of the audience...


There is something so naked and honest with folk music because of its simplicity while the void/negatives in the music could be subtle, suggestive and dark. The contradiction draws Narbi to explore the folklore path while staying in and away from the comfort in the giant's footstep. Narbi Ghenc, a moniker comes from an anagram, sounding a bit different, a bit fictional and a bit exotic. Perhaps this is also what Narbi is trying to do with his folk music.  "I hope my music could take you somewhere, be it imaginary land or a real place; at some time, future, past, going backward, forward or frozen. When the music finishes, you come back to the present, and this is it."


Drums - Jose Urbano
Keyboard - Andrew McBain
Bass - Patrick Agabon 
Guitar / Vocals - Zaine Dada
Guitar / Vocals - Adam Sinclair


Milkmouth takes the 90's grunge vibes—namely Nirvana—of energetic, riff-lead power-tracks, and their own style of sound, of mellow, dark, and brooding flavours, and throws these two themes into a mixing bowl. The final outcome is what they like to call INDIEGRUNGE, however that is just a simple way to state—with some vagueness—what Milkmouth sounds like. Really, they have just taken their inspirational artists: The 1975, Balance and Composure, Green Day, Foals, Deftones, and (of course) Nirvana—to name a few—and created original songs through these roots. They like throwing in cover songs too, so expect to hear a familiar tune or two by the above-said artists.

Head Clowns & Cosima

Head Clowns are a get-up-and-go duo who got up and left the UK to play their little hearts out on the streets of Hong Kong. 

"Folkist anger from the gutter. We want champagne anarchy: the high life for the low-life. It's now or never."

One clarinet, one ukulele and a state-of-the-art sound system to overturn the established order and make a new one.  

Han Jazz Band

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Han has been involved in the local jazz scene for certain years. For the last couple of years, he has participated in different bar gigs around town, outdoor festivals, all sorts of pop music concerts and private events. Han has currently drifted his navigation towards jazz, and honourably collaborated with different local and international musicians who supported his music career.

Olivier Cong & Bou Kwan Ying

Olivier Cong
Olivier's music has a taste of blues, folk and alternative. Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Tom Waits are his favourites and from them, you can find a sense of direction of what kind of singer-songwriter he is. During the period of least self-actualized, he wrote his first song "Searching for the Raven". Reminding him the way of a leaf in the wind, only stages in life yet there was never right nor wrong. He then went around playing his songs to drunken people at the pubs. 


Bou Kwan Ying
Bou Kwan Ying started learning Zheng under the guidance of Connie Ng and Chin King since the age of eight. In 2005, she won the first runner-up in Zheng Solo-Youth Category of the 2nd International Music and Arts Competition. In 2006, Bou got an excellent result in the Professional Examination of Zheng in the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music, and won the first runner-up in the Zheng Solo Category in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in the same year. Bou entered the Department of Chinese Music of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2014. She majored in Zheng under the supervision of Prof XU Lingzi and minored in percussion under the supervision of Yim Hok Man. She is now a member of the HKAPA Zheng Ensemble and the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra.

Ensemble Transience

Violin - Louie Lai 
Trumpet - Atlas Lu
Guitar - Teriver Cheung
Bass - Hsu Fan
Drums - Fish Huang 
Conductor - Jeff Leung


Ensemble Transience is a chamber group focuses on contemporary music with hybrid of modern jazz and classical music languages, incorporate improvisation into composed materials.


GDJYB is a female maths-folk band from Hong Kong. Their music are produced in the language of Hongish (Hong Kong style English), which is a mixture of Cantonese and English unique to the city of Hong Kong. Current line-up of the band include Soni Cheng (Guitar), Heihei Ng (Drums), Soft Liu (Vocal), and Wing Chan (Bass). The band's quirky style extends from their language to their music style. Through a change of tempos, patterns and clear guitar lines, GDJYB fuse the math-rock and folk genres with Hongish (Special mix of Cantonese and English) that brings an unprecedentedly creative style to the local indie music scene. In 2014 they were nominated by Time Out HK Magazine as one of the "New Rising Stars in Hong Kong's new music". 

In 2014, the band also released their first self-titled debut EP and successfully made their first solo gig in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They have been invited to the well-appreciated local music festival Clockenflap in 2014 and 2016. Out of Hong Kong, they have also been invited to various overseas festivals in Asia. Recently, they have made their footsteps out of Asia, participating in OzAsia Festival in Adelaide, Australia.