Jockey Club Street Music Series: Try-out Gig

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Jockey Club Street Music Series: Try-out Gig
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Kenneth Tsang (acoustic indie pop)
Eric and Chuen (jazz)


Kung Chi Shing


Co-presented by

Hong Kong Arts Centre 

Kung Music Workshop 


Major Funder 

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust 

Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth Tsang is the singer/guitarist from Hong Kong indie band, Modern Children. Modern Children is a unique creative-collective with a heavy focus on music. Their style reflects their home city's liveliness and eclectic mix of influences– from the likes of alt-rock, indie pop, and post-rock. In 2011, they released their self-titled debut album, "Modern Children”, whose vibrant style and themes, especially their uses of musical toy instruments, suggest the feelings of child-like innocence and curiosity. The album won acclaim among the local press, and led to a series of performances at various festivals and venues in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The group then went on hiatus for a year while their members traveled and lived abroad. In the summer of 2014, they regrouped to begin work on new music, culminating in their latest album, Bittersweet Melodies, released in January 2017. This album are dedicated in memoriam to Jimmy, the band's much-beloved guitarist and wonderful friend who unfortunately passed way during the final stages of this album's production.

Eric and Chuen

Eric Chong learned the pipa in Chinese orchestra during his secondary school years and began playing guitar at the age of 15. He favoured solo acoustic guitar at first but he turned to electric guitar after listened to jazz music. He has performed at venues such as The Fringe Club and Visage One and participated in events like Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival and Jockey Club Street Music Series. He has been to Beijing studying jazz and received a scholarship to the Conservatorium Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Siu Hin-chuen studied music at Capital University in the US under Robert Breithaupt, Stan Smith and Lou Fisher. Being a member of several jazz groups, he has joined Spektraz in 2007 and founded the experimental quintet Mo-Men-T with Lui, Mike, Vic and Paul in 2012. He has played in major bands including Island Express Jazz Orchestra and Happy Go Lucky Jazz Band. In 2013, he joined the local major jazz orchestra 5422 Collective and performed at Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Summer Jazz Festival and International Jazz Day. He formed P.J.F.B. in 2013, made its debut performance at JEN Jazz Education Network in the US in 2014 and was invited to perform at Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Shenzhen Fringe Festival, Music Fairground and City University of Hong Kong in 2015 – 2017.


Guitar – Eric Chong

Saxophone – Siu Hin-chuen