Vocal/guitar: Samson Bass: Danny Drum: Shanda

Vocal/guitar: Samson
Bass: Danny
Drum: Shanda

The vocalist and guitarist of the band DFG, Samson, is one of the first batch of students participating in the Jockey Club Street Music Series Music Workshops since 2014. In the end of 2014, the Jockey Club Street Music Series organized a community concert, in which Samson first tried to perform his original songs in a full band setup with the music workshop tutors, including the renowned bassist Koya Hisakazu and drummer Almond Yeung.

In the following year, Samson joined a series of singer-songwriter workshops, advancing his creative skills under the guidance of professional musicians, including the well-kwon local singer-songwriter Jing Wong and Tommy Antonio from the U.K. According to Samson, “tutors I encountered in the workshops are all real stars. Even though the lessons might not be long, what I have learnt from them is all essence of music. Sometimes I have to spend days to digest what I have learnt.”

In September 2015, Samson formed DFG with like-minded friends. The DFG’s songs are made up of a range of music styles. The Jockey Club Street Music Series continues its close connection with DFG, and presented the band in the Music Marathon in March 2016. In April the same year, the Series further engaged the band in its In-school Music Tours, and invited them to perform in the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired.

With support of the Jockey Club Street Music Series, DFG is releasing its original work “You Are Poisonous”-- the fruit of Samson and his band’s creative journey in these few years.