Vocal: Esther

At the age of 17, Esther is the youngest among participants of the Jockey Club Street Music Series Music Workshop who are releasing their demos. Despite her young age, she is determined to become a professional musician. Esther creates both the music and lyrics for her own songs single-handedly. With her naturally remarkable voice, she earned herself many performance experience. Apart from participating in concerts of the Jockey Club Street Music Series, she has also performed in bars and festivals like Clockenflap and Free Space Happening.


Esther started her music journey from the classical piano. Now, her style is a fusion of folk, jazz and soul, among these she finds jazz her favorite.


In this year, Esther joined the Jockey Club Street Music Series singer-songwriter workshop, getting training in vocal and creative skills. The teaching musician, singer-songwriter Shandy Gan speaks highly of Esther. She remarks that regardless of her young age, Esther already has much experience in live performance, even more, Esther has the clear target of becoming a professional musician, which makes her an outstanding student with much potential.


Through the music production scheme of the Jockey Club Street Music Series, Esther will release her original work《我在等一個人和我浪費時間》 (I am waiting for someone to waste time with me). She rearranges the composition by making a bold fusion between the lullaby-like love song with electronic music, and pair the music with lyrics written in a classical Chinese style. It will be a nice surprise to your ears. 

Mentor's comments:

Esther is a very artistic and talented girl. 

Shandy Gan