Franklin Telescope
Vocal/Guitar: Kenneth Guitar: Yin Bass: Kuro Drum: Wilson Keyboard: Kingston

Franklin Telescope was initially influenced by bands of fusion style, and later focused on funk, blues and soul music. Having been formed for two years, the band has accumulated quite a few songs. 

This year, Franklin Telescope participated in the Jockey Club Street Music Series band coaching workshop, with Tomii Chan (guitarist of the local band Stranded Whale) as its tutor. The band’s bassist Kuro also joined the bass workshop, being coached by Koya Hisakazu to further advance her techniques. 

Other than joining different competitions, Franklin Telescope was invited to perform in the Jockey Club Street Music Series Music Marathon, gaining further exposure. Through the concert, the band hoped to carry out exchange with different bands, expand its audience base, and at the same time took it as a learning opportunity.

One of the goals of Franklin Telescope is to record its songs and release its own album. However, given the lack of resources and knowledge in music production, the plan has been paused. With support of the Jockey Club Street Music Series, Tomii Chan takes up the role of the band’s recording mentor, getting the band prepared for producing its first original song.