Olivier Cong & Bou Kwan Ying
Alternative Pop

Olivier Cong

Born in a family with parents who are deeply in love with music, giving him the opportunity to be nostalgic and heavily influenced by the golden years of music industry. His music has a taste of blues, folk and alternative. Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Tom Waits are his favourites and from them, you can find a sense of direction of what kind of singer-songwriter he is.

During the period of least self-actualized, he wrote his first song “Searching for the Raven”. Reminding him the way of a leaf in the wind, only stages in life yet there was never right nor wrong. He then went around playing his songs to drunken people at the pubs. Occasionally receiving a few head nods from here and there, from London to Berlin. But his heart would always rest in Hong Kong, home.

Bou Kwan Ying 

Bou Kwan Ying started learning how to play Zheng at the Music Office since the age of eight. Under the guidance of Connie Ng and Chin King, she was awarded the best student in Chinese Music at the Music Office in 06/07. In 2005, she won the first runner-up in Zheng Solo-Youth Category of the 2nd International Music and Arts Competition. In 2006, Bou got an excellent result in the Professional Examination of Zheng in the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music, and won the first runner-up in the Zheng Solo Category in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in the same year. Bou entered the Department of Chinese Music of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2014. She majored in Zheng under the supervision of Prof XU Lingzi and minored in percussion under the supervision of Yim Hok Man. She is now a member of the HKAPA Zheng Ensemble and the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra.