Jockey Club Street Music Series: Try-out Gig

Concert Details
Jockey Club Street Music Series: Try-out Gig
Narbi (Folk/Blues)
Sara C. Trio (Jazz)
The Space Travellers (France) (Jazz)










Narbi (民謠/藍調)

民謠音樂之所以顯得如此真誠和赤裸,在於音樂中必要的靜默和間歇,總讓人感受到當中吹彈可破的敏感心靈、微妙的暗示與黑暗。這種帶著強烈矛盾的音樂吸引了Narbi Ghenc開始追隨巨人們的腳步,並探索屬於自己的民謠風格。Narbi Ghenc這綽號來自一個文字遊戲,聽起來有點與眾不同,有點虛構,還帶點異國情調。也許,這綽號同時暗示著他的音樂本質。「我希望我的音樂能將你帶往某個地方,可以是虛構的土地或一個真實存在的地方;依據你的喜好,那可以是將來或過去、倒著走或者前進,甚至是凝結的時空。當音樂結束,你回到現在,這就是我想要的。」

Sara C. Trio (爵士樂)

Sara C.畢業於香港演藝進修學院的BETC音樂劇課程,考獲Pearson BETC 第四級英國國家高級證書文憑 (表演藝術) 。自學習音樂劇起,Sara C.就參與了不同的歌唱和音樂劇表演。她的歌風格深受其個人喜愛的新騒靈、節奏藍調和爵士樂影響。Sara現在專注於爵士樂,與其爵士四重奏樂隊以及其他音樂人放小型音樂廳、婚宴、商場和活動中進行演出。

The Space Travellers (France) (爵士樂)

Claudia Solal • voice
Didier Petit • cello, voice
Philippe Foch • percussion, voice

Claudia Solal: 
As a singer, songwriter, improviser, Claudia Solal has performed on stage for 20 years now in France, Europe and United States, on the most prestigious venues and festivals. Her numerous collaborations and artistic experiences played a large part in building a unique vocal language, at the crossroads of written material and improvised songs. 
Philippe Foch : 
Driven by a rabid desire for encounter and exploration which far from dwindling with age seems on the contrary to sharpen as time passes, Philippe Foch, drummer by trade, has been honing in for 30 years to the core of an intensely unstable territory of sound, fleeing all form of routine or status quo, ceaselessly questioning what he has gleaned and reinventing his musical language. 

​Didier Petit : 
Didier petit never loses the taste for risk and imagination. In 2009 he create the East West collective in Hong Kong for the French May Festival to create a bridge between two cultures. Since then he travel often in China. Since 2010, he is the artistic consultant for the Observatoire de l’Espace (the art science laboratory of CNES) and for the Sideration Festival. In October 2015 he has flight with his Cosmo cello in the zero G plane to experiment music in zero gravity.